MYPORT® implantable port system
Registration certificate RZN 2019_8121 dated 11/17/2020


Chemotherapy “BURNS” peripheral veins. The MYPORT port system is implanted to preserve peripheral veins and enable chemotherapy. The system provides long-term vascular access, which prevents venous damage and improves the quality of treatment!

The implantable port system is used for multiple and / or long-term repeated internal access to the patient’s vascular system for the purpose of chemotherapy, hydration, drainage, administration of antibacterial, antiviral and analgesic drugs, parenteral nutrition, blood collection or transfusion, contrast-enhanced computed tomography.

The Russian-made MYPORT port system is allowed to be implanted in newborns, children and adult patients.

IMPORTANT: For citizens of the Russian Federation who have a compulsory medical insurance policy, the port system is installed at the expense of the compulsory medical insurance fund free of charge!

Port system material: titanium alloy; biocompatible plastic.


the port system has a radiographic mark in a direct projection
letters_001– can be used
letters_002– it is forbidden use

* – Venous port system have the ability to inject a contrast agent under a pressure of up to 22.4 bar or 325 PSI with computed tomography, except for UltraS (US) model
MYPORT – My Port implantable port system