Side execution


Direct execution
MYPORT® Venous**
subcutaneous implantation port system venous access
MYPORT® Venous Double***
dual-chamber port-system for subcutaneous implantation venous access

  • chemotherapy
  • parenteral nutrition
  • transfusion and blood sampling
  • antibacterial treatment
  • antiviral treatment
  • introduction of X-ray contrast
Installation methods:

  • under radiographic control
  • under ECG control
Port system material: titanium alloy; biocompatible plastic.

The set includes:

  • port
  • silicone catheter
  • straight Huber needle
  • Huber needle with extension
  • introducer needle
  • conductor
  • vascular dilator introducer
  • injection syringe
  • flush connector
  • coupling 2 pcs.
  • tunneling machine
  • transparent film bandage
  • patient card label 3 pcs.
  • patient record
  • instructions for using the kit
  • medical device for vein isolation or venous capture (at the request of the customer)